Exploiting Technology

Exploiting Technology are the leading providors of renewals and rules support for users of The HUON Solution and Innovation Policy insurance systems.  Founded in 2007 by Richard Robinson, the former Chief Technology Officer and International Application Architect of The HUON Corporation, Exploiting Technology are ideally placed to provide consultancy in these areas.  We are also uniquely placed as the only UK based consultancy to have experience working with both Version 4 of The HUON Solution and the Innovation Group's services version of the system, known as Innovation Policy.

Prior to joining The HUON Corporation, Richard Robinson worked on a rewrite of Direct Line's rating system.  Following this Richard Robinson transferred to the newly founded Privilege Insurance, where he played a key role in defining and implementing their policy administration system.  At The HUON Corporation Richard Robinson was able to use this knowledge, along with his previous consulting experience at Cap Gemini Hoskyns, to determine how best to define an insurance product that could be readily used by multiple clients in a variety of countries.  This led to the creation of the Next Activity and Renewal Rules aspects of the system.  In addition Richard Robinson was also influential in other aspects of the policy administration.

In addition to creating the renewals and rules aspects of the base system, Richard Robinson was also involved in supporting a number of client specific implementations across the globe.  In the UK Richard Robinson provided support for GA and NU (now Aviva), Halifax, AXA and Lloyds TSB.  Richard Robinson was also responsible for evaluating the issues associated with taking product upgrades at both the country and client level (known as reconciliation) and has worked with regions and clients to manage this effort effectively.

For the last four years Richard  Robinson's primary focus has been on the creation of versions of renewals and rules for both policy and membership administration that would work with the services version of The HUON Solution.  Not only has this given Richard Robinson extensive exposure to the services architecture but it has also given him the opportunity to identify additional ways in which the base product can be greatly enhanced.

For our UK clients Exploiting Technology are able to provide a variety of services including training, evaluation of existing code and confguration, support for new product roll-outs and transition from Version 4 to services.

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